Parenting often feels like a “flying by our seat” experience because there is no roadmap that guarantees the outcome you desire. However, what you can lean on is your faith to guide you, your friends and family to share your experiences with, and the loving example you attempt toemulate to sustain you.

Connections (ie your village) are the key. Connections are at the root of our humanness. Sure there are always tasks to accomplish, but none are as important as the connections we make with our children, family and friends. I’ve seen many well-intentioned parents mistakenly employ strategies that fail to meet the emotional or developmental needs of their children or families. Having a village who can give you objective feedback is always a good thing. Here at Honest Adoption, we want to serve as a member of your village as we have talked the talk and walked the walk. Let’s work together to make your life-long dream to parent a reality.