Hello, and thank you very much for taking the time to read the story of us. As we begin to write this letter, we are excited and emotional, knowing how much lives change because of adoption. We hope that through the glimpses of our lives, you are able to envision the love and life your child will be surrounded by. While we can’t make promises of who our child grows up to be, we can promise that whoever she becomes, she was and will continue to be loved and supported.

The sacrifices we aremaking to ensurethe happiness of our new family do not go unacknowledged. The love our child shows us each and everyday let’s us know we’re doing something right. We are committed to being our child’s advocate and championalways.

Our child is supported, embraced and will be given the opportunity to explore themselves and the world. As with ours, your child’s story will be full of hope and dreams. How? We at Honest Adoption will do everything in our power as new parents to equip you with the tools you need to ensure a successful and fulfilling adoption experience. Thank you for your bravery! Good luck.